About Private Label

The best brand in some c-stores or supermarket delis may well be the retailer’s own brand. Still, many chains and independents owners face big risks when launching their own hot food program. They often lack access to the right ingredients, food prep processes, equipment knowledge, training resources and menu creation experience that are all critical to make a hot food program succeed.

Now with PFSbrands’ private-label program, you can take advantage of our consistent levels of product quality, proven food prep methods, menu development expertise, 1-on-1 staff training and marketing resources.

We can assist you with those complex new menu labeling mandates from the FDA, too. Above all, we will help you quickly develop a profitable, quick-serve operation with strong local support from our field operation team.

Retailer Shoutout

Why wait? Wasted time is wasted money...
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REMINDER: Partners requests are for operators and/or owners with current c-stores or supermarkets.

Why Choose Us

  • Keep or Create Your Own Brand
  • Marketing Development Funds
  • Ongoing Training and Support
  • Healthy Product Margins
  • National Buying Power
  • Top Quality, Consistent Products

National Buying Power

Our national buying power will help us create consistent margins your location will love. We strive to make you as profitable as possible!

National Field Staff

With over 1,200 branded locations across the US, our national field staff can help your location with ongoing training and support!

Fanatical Support

We aren’t like some of our competitors that sell you a program and leave. We have multiple layers of support to help you along the way.

Ongoing Staff Training

Worried about the staff training required for a foodservice program? We have you covered with opening and ongoing staff training!

Marketing Development Funds

We set aside funds from your PFSbrands purchases for marketing! Combine that with our expert team and it’s a winning combo.

Create Your Own Brand

We know that your brand might be the best brand for you. Well, keep it! We can help develop your brand to be a true foodservice giant!

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Menus


Breakfast: Start your customers’ days off right with our easy-to-run breakfast program, simple enough that one staff member can manage it. Featuring biscuit or croissant sandwiches, burritos, and biscuits and gravy, the breakfast program is an easy way to improve your morning traffic and increase your daily revenue.

Lunch & Dinner: We hold our product suppliers to high safety and quality standards to ensure your customers get consistent size, value and taste. By setting stringent safety and quality specifications, we help you set accurate, profitable price points while delivering best-in-class flavor for consumers.

Our Private Label menus are fully FDA-compliant with a variety of options.

What our retailers are saying


Our private-label program offers the same premium quality, freshly breaded chicken and seafood products of our flagship brand, plus a wide selection of signature sides, breading and breading mix. At the outset, we will help you develop your menu items and retail price points, while keeping a close eye on your profit margins and local competitive market conditions. The company will supply the following program components to your c-stores or supermarkets that are all true prerequisites for the operation of a profitable and growing hot food program.

  • Consistent ingredients and proven preparation processes for your menu items
  • Hands-on training and advice for your staff – at opening and going forward
  • Engaging store signage, menu boards, apparel and take-out menus
  • Menus 100% compliant with the FDA’s forthcoming caloric-labeling requirements
  • Any professional food service equipment required for implementation

In addition, PFSbrands will bank 1% of your product purchases in a special Marketing Development Fund (MDF). Then, you can use these manufacturer-provided monies to underwrite approved local advertising activities designed to increase the Private Label food program sales to your customers.

CEO Shawn Burcham is steadfastly focused on the success and well-being of his retail partners who can all gain from his advocacy of their stores. He has an uncanny ability to connect his retailers with reliable program and people resources that can make invaluable contributions to their success. Burcham’s unwavering emphasis on providing “fanatical” levels of retailer support permeates all of PFSbrands, its employees and the very culture of the company, which we hope you will discover for yourself.


Opening Signage Package

The following branded signage package is provided for a small charge.

  • Take-out menus (qty. 300) with your store imprint & holder
  • Hot case decal to enhance your customers ordering experience
  • Cabinet front insert to enhance brand recognition
  • Two 13”x19” framed advertising posters

Some of our more popular menu selections which are available to add to complement your own products or enough to use as as full program itself!


  • CHICKEN TENDERS: Double-coated and irresistible.
  • MAC ‘N’ CHEESE: Warm gooey and extra cheesy — Hands down the best.
  • CRISPY WHITEFISH: Crispy outside, perfectly moist and flaky inside.
  • POTATO WEDGES: Classic wedges of seasoned fried spuds.
  • LIVERS & GIZZARDS: Breaded and deep-fried to a golden brown.
  • GREEN BEANS: Good ol’ Southern-style beans with tasty bits of country ham bits.
  • PARTY WINGS: Turns any meal or game-watching event into a big hit.
  • MASHED POTATOES: The humble creamy potato topped in gravy is king.
  • SWEET CORN: Rich, creamy and perfectly hearty.
  • FRIED CHICKEN: Crispy and juicy. The be-all, end-all Southern classic.

As you learn more about PFSbrands, you may see why our Private Label hot food program is a good strategy for multi-unit owners who already have a strong store brand or store name. We will help you compare our brands. This could be the right for for your stores. Let’s work together!

Want more information about our Private Label program?
Contact us to get the revenue boosting information you need!

REMINDER: Partners requests are for operators and/or owners with current c-stores or supermarkets.