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Your Business Developer will assist you in ordering any required commercial equipment your store will need directly from PFSbrands. We are one of the largest distributors of name-brand commercial fryers, hotcases, breading tables, rethermalizers and combi-ovens in the United States. As a result, you will be able to piggyback our company’s purchasing power to save on your company’s initial investment in equipment for your new hot food program.

PFSbrands Equipment Division

PFSbrands Champs Chicken DipperOverflow_2019You will order your food products and branded packaging from your local PFSbrands foodservice distributor. Your Business Developer or Business Advisor from PFSbrands will assist you in preparing the opening order for your initial inventory. If you want to see who the distributor is in area, simply call or email our Customer Success team and they can inform you of which company that is. We have over 40 distributors around the country.

In the event there is no PFSbrands distributor serving your area, tell us who is your current foodservice distributor… and then, we will try to resolve this supply issue for you.

Training is a value-add for branded retailers, which means it comes at no cost. Quality training on all aspects of operating a successful hot food business is a key part of our overall program. Hands-on training is provided to the deli staff at every new store opening. When you officially open, you will have at least one knowledgeable person (usually your assigned Business Advisor) from PFSbrands to work alongside your deli staff. For the first few days, he or she will help your staff become comfortable with food preparation procedures, sanitation processes, using the kitchen equipment, periodic clean-up and cleaning at closing time.

In addition, your Business Advisor will teach and try to motivate your staff on how to provide friendly, efficient service to your customers, which is equally important to the success of the program as the quality of the meals being served.

PFSbrands continues to grow its network of Champs Chicken, Cooper’s Express and Private Label locations. We have well over 1,000 locations with long-term plans to open thousands more. The company is partnering presently with owners of convenience stores and supermarkets to launch new Champs Chicken “Business-within-a-Business” locations across 36 states. You can view our store locator for more details on these locations.

PFSbrands FAQs Store Locator

Once you learn more about our brands, we invite you to contact us and let us help you evaluate this opportunity to build your own hot food success story in your store(s). We can do it together!

PFSbrands Getting Started Fried ChickenFirst, contact our Customer Success Team, either by email or by telephone at 855-632-3373. Indicate that you want to learn more about launching one of our programs and would like to schedule an in-store evaluation. Our Customer Success staff member will gather some basic information about your business, and then, schedule an in-store evaluation with one of our new store specialists – a Business Developer — for your area.

Absolutely! Thousands of supermarkets and c-stores are currently buying open-stock PFS products from our network of 50 foodservice distributors. However, stores cannot merchandise and advertise those products under our registered brand names unless they become an authorized location.

PFSbrands FAQsIf your goal is to purchase the cheapest food products you can find, then you are not a candidate for any of our brands. We supply a complete turn-key program with high quality products and extreme levels of customer support that has proven repeatedly to produce success for retailers. The most critical factors to sustain a profitable hot food program are consistency in the food products, the right preparation methods, deli staff training and support… on which you can rely from PFSbrands.

Nothing. Most franchisors charge their branded retailers with an initial franchise fee, and then, 2 on-going royalty fees—a general royalty (commonly 5% of gross revenues) and an additional royalty for advertising (another 5%). PFSbrands charges absolutely none of those fees!

PFSbrands Champs ChickenWe do better than just your typical co-op advertising plan. In most co-op plans, manufacturers will reimburse up to half of the retailer’s own spending on advertising in support of the brand. PFSbrands does much more. First, we bank a percentage of branded food and packaging purchases in a special Marketing Development Fund (MDF) earmarked for each individual retailer. So long as the funds are available in the retailer’s MDF bank, the retailer will be reimbursed 100% for their approved spending on advertising in support of the brand.

You should not run into serious problems, if you follow the prescribed procedures of our programs and listen to the advice of your assigned Business Advisor from PFSbrands. Beyond that, some of the biggest problems owners encounter come from hiring underqualified, unmotivated deli staff. Your deli manager and staff must be accountable for providing outstanding, friendly customer service and be committed to the success of the program.

PFSbrands FAQs POSOnly Gold-level retail partners for Champs Chicken are required to use a particular point-of-sale electronic cash register and inventory system for their Champs Chicken location. All other levels of participation and brands have no POS requirement. This system keeps and provides detailed records to both the retailer and PFSbrands regarding all sales, inventories, product mix, hourly and daypart sales for your Champs Chicken operations.

We receive every store’s detailed purchasing history directly from their PFSbrands distributor every 4 weeks, so we are continually monitoring our retailers’ purchasing levels by item and in total. We are able to determine when a store is contractually out of compliance. In addition, your Business Advisor will periodically conduct a “value report” on his or her retail customers, which is another manner in which we monitor the performance of our retailers.

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