Looking for a cultural fit?

Isn’t a steady paycheck, paid vacation days, and a gold retirement watch enough? Not to us. We think you should actually enjoy coming to work, collaborate and work with the industries brightest people, and be fully invested to growing the business. That’s where our “owner-mindset” comes into play. With our open-book management, profit sharing, and employee stock options we strive to keep everyone on the same page creating the most profitable, customer-centric company possible!

“My favorite part of working at PFS is the ability to have our voices heard and communicate directly with everyone in the company. It allows us to solve problems quicker and be a part of a team that really cares.”– Clayton Waldie

“The PFSbrands team is amazing! The people here aren’t just you’re coworkers, they’re your friends and your biggest cheerleaders… everyone wants to see one another succeed.”– Jordanne McCoy

It’s something that you feel, it’s contagious, and it’s part of our core values. You feel the buzz during the huddles, you feel the excitement with every key win, and you feel the unforgettable electricity that builds in the air when a large group of people work towards a common goal – that when our customers succeed, we succeed!

The benefits of being 100% Employee-Owned

In an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) model, the good of the business reflects the good of each individual employee due to a shared stake. This ultimately creates a “win together, lose together” mentality that emphasizes collaboration and teamwork, tenets that not only improve morale and company culture but also have a tangible effect on company performance.

With the long-term incentive and wealth opportunity that an ESOP provides, employees are more likely to work harder in the best interest of the business. The benefits of working within an ESOP are best reaped the longer you’re with a company, which ultimately leads to lower turnover rates, higher company loyalty, and increased trust within the business.

Because each employee has a degree of ownership within the business, the inner workings of a company’s cash flow and other financials are readily shared within PFSbrands. This Open Book Leadership model creates much less distance between leadership and employees, which offers a level playing field to each individual within the company to be successful and know how they are impacting the business.

Overall, ESOPs are cost-free, culture-focused, and unique (accounting for less than 1% of companies in the USA, according to the National Center for Employee Ownership). All of these elements make working for an ESOP highly appealing to new hires.

Employees also pay no tax on the accumulation of shares in their ESOP accounts. Additionally, upon retirement, diversification, or end of employment, they can roll over their distributions to an IRA or another qualified retirement plan. PFSbrands feature an ESOP plan in addition to, not in replacement of a 401(k).

Want to work for an awesome Employee-Owned company?

PFSbrands has been a team-focused 100% employee-owned company since 2017, and employee-ownership is just one of the many attractive benefits we offer our people. Here are a few more!

Medical Insurance

Dental Insurance

Vision Insurance

Life Insurance

Short-Term Disability

Employee Assistance Program

Financial Literacy

Family Events

Long-Term Disability Insurance

Cafeteria Plan (FSA)

Health Savings Account

401k Plan w/ company match

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Open Book Leadership

Wellness Program

Prescription Drugs

Employee Owner Discount Programs

Onsite Fitness Center


Paid Time Off

Bereavement Leave

Referral Bonus

Better Book Club

Casual Dress Attire

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Open Position

Mission Statement

“We exist to empower our employee-owners and allow them the opportunity to build their futures by providing all of our customers with consistent, high-quality food products at reasonable prices and assisting our retail customers in operating profitable locations.”

Great Place to Work

Click the link to read reviews from PFSbrands employees on topics such as atmosphere, management, benefits and more. 94% of employees say PFSbrands is a Great Place to Work®

Do you have what it takes?

Have a healthy appetite for success and craving more from your career? Then PFSbrands may be the place for you.

As one of America’s fastest growing companies, our key ingredient has always been our exceptional team. We all work with one goal in mind: be the foodservice leader in every market we compete in.

If you’re excited to expand your skills, eager to embrace our values, and willing to work hard to achieve our vision, then we want to hear from you!

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