Building a Growing Company With a Growth Mindset?

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Building a Growing Company With a Growth Mindset Featured

Growth Mindset and Your Growing Company:

b505932b-7052-4be3-8513-95c8a444c1f5Do you own or work for a growing company? Or maybe you want to build a growing company? That’s where the growth mindset comes into play as a way to build your company and start seeing some serious results!

Our CEO, Shawn Burcham, gave us his take on how to build a growing company and why a growth mindset is so important. He must be on to something, considering PFSbrands has been named one of the fastest-growing privately held companies for the last 8 years in a row! Want to get anywhere near that? Well, it’s time to evolve a growing mindset and then a growing company! [You can find his full article over at]


Can Open Book Business Management Help Your Company?

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Open Book Business Management

Quick Lowdown on Open Book Business Management:

b505932b-7052-4be3-8513-95c8a444c1f5You have probably heard about open book business management and how it provides employees an ownership mindset, but what exactly does it involve and how can your company benefit from the business communication transparency it provides?

For any of the CEO’s or senior leadership team members out there looking to instill a hard-working, productive, and company conscious mindset in your employees, then open book management could be your answer. Our CEO, Shawn Burcham, sat down and tackled that answer for you and shared how it has helped PFSbrands rapidly grow to new heights! First up in this series is what he thinks lies at the heart of great open book management: education! [You can find his full article over at]


Open Book Business Management: Getting Started

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Business Management

Open Book Business Management 101:

b505932b-7052-4be3-8513-95c8a444c1f5When it comes to an open book business management company, first and foremost you need the right players on the right seat of the bus and you need to properly educate them with some serious business communication! Don’t know what that means? No worries, we can help you out!

Today, our CEO Shawn Burcham, tackles that for you! From hiring the right people to help make your vision a reality to properly educating them on open book managmetn principles, he discusses how these same strategies have helped PFSbrands rapidly grow to new heights! So here you go, let’s break down some the first steps you need to take when starting open book management at your company! [You can find his full article over at]


We Can Help You Build a Profitable Business

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Need Help Increasing Your Sales?

Have you ever looked into how our brands can help you increase your revenue, peace of mind, and help you create a profitable business? When it comes to profit generating capabilities, unbelievable customer support, and the tools to help you create the best Hot Food Program possible, we’ve got you covered! Check out our brand breakdown:

Champs Chicken

Champs Chicken Profitable BusinessPFSbrands flagship brand, Champs Chicken, has locations in 36 states and is perfect for moderate to high traffic stores. Our 3 fried chicken franchise levels offer something that is sure to improve your bottomline – Gold, Silver and Bronze franchise options allow variable levels of commitment and with more commitment, of course comes more rewards. In 2015 our volume incentive rebate checks averaged $3,282 – which is an exclusive perk of the Champs Chicken franchise program.

Cooper’s Express

Our Cooper’s Express brand features big, bold tastes with a Cajun kick and is suited for all levels of store traffic. With over 160 new simply supply agreements since May of 2014 it is growing rapidly in name recognition as well. Choose from full of limited menu options with a low cost of entry, fewer commercial equipment requirements and earn 1.5% of overall product purchases in marketing monies.

Private Label

We understand that sometimes the best brand for multi-store owners is their own brand. Our Private Label program brings proven products and marketing resources along with the industry knowledge your store needs while still providing training and marketing monies based on your overall product purchases.

Building Your Profitable Business

Interested in learning more about any of our programs and how we can help you create a lasting profitable business? Keep surfing the site to learn more about the opportunities available to you, hit us up on our contact form,  or give us a call!

What do our retailers think?

Cooper’s Express to Expand Its Online Presence

On April 8, 2016 in News

Cooper's Express

Cooper’s Express: Consumer website and store locator lead the way

Cooper’s ExpressCooper’s Express, one of the rapidly growing branded hot food programs of PFSbrands, recently launched its consumer-oriented website to provide the best possible online and mobile experience for their consumers ( Not only does the user-friendly website offer limited time offers and nutritional information, it also helps you locate the nearest Cooper’s Express location.

Since its acquisition in 2014 by PFSbrands, this business-within-a-business model based on a simple supply agreement has spread across the nation, making a store locator incredibly convenient for consumers. Along with being able to find the nearest convenience store or supermarket where a Cooper’s Express is located, the website also brings Cooper’s Express distinctly delightful Cajun coastal breading and the trademarked chicken skewer to the public’s attention.

The website highlights the brands efforts to reach more consumers where they are consistently interacting – the mobile realm.

Cooper's ExpressNow consumers can simply pick up their smartphone, find the current limited time offers, quickly grab any nutritional information they may be curious about, and find their nearest Cooper’s Express in a matter of minutes.

“Cooper’s Express was a major acquisition for us in 2014 and we have spent a lot of energy bringing it to the attention of retailers,” said Shawn Burcham, CEO of PFSbrands. “Now with we can reach the end consumer in an effort to increase same store sales and brand awareness. It’s all about being as hassle-free as possible for our great consumers.

Along with a Cooper’s Express website and accompanying Facebook page ( ), PFSbrands has systematically improved its overall web presence through optimization and user friendly interfaces. The goal is to create efficient tools anyone can tap into to make informed food decisions. Burhcam said,

“By being mobile and highly available, we can give our consumers the best possible experience.”




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Bring the Chicken

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C-Stores Flock to Chicken

On September 16, 2015 in Industry Coverage, Recent news

Click below to read this article in Convenience Store Decisions magazine. This article features an interview with a convenience store owner on their experience with our Champs Chicken Program: C-Stores Flock to Chicken

Pro Food Systems Announcing New Brand and Growth


As Pro Food Systems looks forward to continued rapid growth; the company is repositioning itself with a new strategy, new image, new focus and new enthusiasm. To launch this effort, Pro Food Systems (PFS) is introducing a new corporate umbrella brand, PFSbrands™, along with the tagline: Our Support. Your Success.


The launch of PFSbrands is accompanied by this new website,, packed with detailed information about hot food program options for c-stores, grocery stores and distributors. PFSbrands encompasses the company’s flagship brand Champs Chicken®, Cooper’s Express®, numerous Private Label brands, and finally, the recently expanded PFS Equipment Division. With all of these brands, the number one focus of PFS is to provide fanatical customer support.


“Our company is successful because we have a fantastic team of employees that live by a solid set of core values. Our team places 100% of their attention toward enhancing the levels of support we provide our retailers to help them succeed and be profitable,” said Shawn Burcham, CEO of Pro Food Systems. “We are currently adding staff into a new Customer Success Division that will help our committed retailers continue to grow their same store sales.”


Since starting in 1999, PFS has doubled revenue every 3 years and expects to grow at 20% – 30% for the next 10 – 20 years. “We have a lot of short term and long term improvement plans working that will make the next several years exciting,” added Burcham. “PFSbrands is just the beginning. We are a company committed to continuous improvement and we plan to bring even more value to our retail partners.”



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Champs Chicken – Your Partner for Foodservice Success

On May 22, 2015 in Industry Coverage


There are numerous advantages to branded food programs in convenience stores, specifically our flagship program, Champs Chicken ®. We are honored to be included in a Convenience Store News exclusive cover story alongside industry veterans such as Subway, Papa John’s and Dunkin Donuts.

Click below to read the full story and see why our brand recognition, training, ongoing marketing support, and foodservice expertise make a difference in your Champs Chicken locations which ultimately translates into increased sales and profits!

Click HERE to read the full story

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