Purpose: Provide a forum where Franchisee (FE) and Franchisor (FR) representatives work together to explore issues of mutual concern and develop ideas and recommendations to improve the productivity, profitability and growth of the Champs Chicken franchise network.

Goal: Increased FR accountability (more transparent decision-making and better preparation), improved communication, stronger commitment, greater FE receptivity to change, trust, collaboration, successful new initiatives, and increased efficiency.

FAC Meetings: Meetings will be held every quarter. The next meeting is scheduled for April 3-5, 2018.

If you have a suggestion or topic that you would like to submit for FAC members to discuss, please email: ChampsChickenFAC@PFSbrands.com

Meet the Committee Members:
Champs Chicken FAC is made up of 8 FE members and 8 FR members for equal representation.


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2017 Franchise Advisory Committee - FAC

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Here’s what past retailer attendees are saying:

“I would like to thank PFS for the opportunity to be a member of the FAC meetings. I think a lot of good ideas came from this and it is very impressive that a company would care enough to do this. Again thank you.”
– Jim Doyle, CBH Cooperative, Belle Fourche, SD

“The one BIG thing I got out of it was how great a company Pro Foods is to us as well as their employees. After each meeting I had a better understanding that all of us had a lot of the same problems (employee problems etc). Pro Foods really cares about what we had to say and acted on them. That makes us feel like we are a big part of the program as well. As PFS continues growing we should have a bigger and better program. The fact that you are willing to change and update systems make our jobs much easier. I have been involved with all the major branded concepts over the years and I think Champs is the best of all and I am honored to be a part of it. Thanks for all your help and everything you do for us.”
– Steve Broadwell, Jernigan Oil / Duck Thru Foods, Ahoskie, NC

“I would like to say thank you to all of you for welcoming Shelly and I to your retreat, it was an experience that I will never forget. Not only did I have fun, but I came away with a better understanding and vision of the future of Champs Chicken. What a unique and special group of people you all are at PFS! The kindness you all showed us was outstanding! I absolutely love the fact that Shawn understands that what happens on the “front lines” is important to making the decisions that affect so many. To have a CEO so in tune with the employees is refreshing. The tour of the plant was so eye (and nose) opening. I have already shared that experience with several coworkers and they are amazed at the quality that is in our strips and dippers. Thank you again and if at any time you need someone to discuss the Champs program, or just a reference for another store to call, please feel free to give them my name and number. I would be happy to tell them what a great program it is!”
-Avis Erickson, Brewster Harvest Foods, Brewster, WA

More Info: FAC membership terms are 1 year. If you are interested in applying please email: ChampsChickenFAC@PFSbrands.com