Business Advisors

Businessman meeting client in officeOur retail partners consider our Field Operations Team an extension of their own staff as trusted Business Advisors. Unlike some competitors, we are with you through the entire process of opening your branded or private label program, training your staff and retraining as necessary. We provide multiple in-store visits each year and are only a phone call or email away for your questions, concerns or ideas.

Your Business Advisor knows you by name and is invested in the success of your business; they are knowledgeable industry leaders whose backgrounds range anywhere from foodservice managers to being small business owners themselves. Their passion is helping further our vision of developing enthusiastic, satisfied customers 100% of the time and they take that seriously. From promotional pricing to waste calculations, our Business Advisors have the skills and tools to take your deli operation to the next level. The more you share with them, the better job they can do in helping you reach your profitability and growth goals.

Business Developers

We have a Business Developer (BD) located in your area whose sole function is to help c-stores and supermarkets like yours plan, set up and launch successful new hot food programs.

Sheri_BevYour BD will come in and conduct an “in-store evaluation” for you. There is no obligation on your part. He or she will listen to hear your objectives, discuss any concerns you might have, and walk you through our program in detail. These new store specialists are well-trained and experienced food service professionals. Our BD will gladly cook some product for you and your staff. Everyone will have an opportunity to experience the taste, quality and freshness that will allow you to compete toe-to-toe with fast food giants like KFC, Popeyes, Chick-Fil-A and others.

In the end, we’ll determine together if Champs Chicken is a good fit for you and your store. This flagship brand is not for everybody. If your store has the threshold traffic levels, the physical space needed and you are committed to precisely following a proven SYSTEM, this is the right hot food program for your store(s). If not, your store may be better suited for our Cooper’s Express brand or our private label program. Regardless of the path you take, our BDs will be there to share their knowledge and to professionally guide you through this process.