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Business Administration, Missouri State University

How did you arrive here?

After working in the food industry for several years I gained a great deal of respect for the people in this industry. However, I discovered that I simply wasn’t cut out to work for other people. I investigated many types of businesses and franchises that would have offered me the chance to be my own boss. During this search process I received a unique opportunity to become an exclusive BKI equipment distributor for the central Missouri area. While I was not specifically looking to get into the chicken business, this BKI opportunity was exactly the catalyst I needed to create Champs Chicken. My wife Julie was supportive of the idea even after just having our first daughter (Claudia). Julie had already decided to leave her job to stay home with Claudia. It was a risky adventure going from a double income family with no kids to a NO income family with one kid. Our Champs Chicken branded food program has historically catered mainly to supermarkets and convenience stores. Julie and I take a lot of pride in providing opportunities for our 130+ employee owners and helping our Champs Chicken retailers become more profitable in the food business. It’s been quite the ride so far as we have partnered with over 1,200 retail locations with our branded programs.

What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?

“Providing overall business advice and helping to build a positive culture. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and work with business owners all over the country. Many of the business leaders I meet with are from various different industries. It’s obvious that the most successful businesses have a common approach, they focus on their people first.”

Leadership Style and Philosophy:

“I have high expectations as a leader. I look for competitive employee-owners that consistently want to improve and get better. I like to say that my leadership style revolves around three things: I CARE, I HAVE FUN & I hold people accountable to HIGH EXPECTATIONS. I enjoy the challenge of leadership and I take a lot of pride in helping to find the right people that fit our culture and then helping them to find the right spot on the team so they can excel. My real purpose, and what I enjoy most, is helping others to be more successful in both work & in life. I believe the best work environment involves one in which everyone is self-aware and aware of those around them. By helping others understand their inherent strengths and weaknesses, I feel we can all be better prepared to work collectively as a team.”

Want to get more info about Shawn?

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Keeping Score With GRITT: Straight Talk Strategies For Success

Entrepreneurs believe nobody else understands what they are going through. They are hard-working individuals who feel like nobody gets it; but Shawn Burcham has been there. His experience in growing his company, Pro Food Systems, Inc., into a national success is the perfect primer for his debut book on how others can achieve the same kind of achievements for their own companies.
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Praise for Keeping Score with GRITT

“Shawn has captured the essence of today’s entrepreneur! His straightforward, detailed account of the development of PFSbrands illustrates each aspect of the leadership needed to successfully start, grow, and sustain a major business …”
―Gary Phillips

Retired Chief Executive Officer, Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.
“… Keeping Score with GRITT: Straight Talk Strategies for Success describes Shawn’s leadership style perfectly … I’ve always sought Shawn’s advice on how to obtain success. It’s great that he has finally written this book!”
―Brett Horn