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We make it so easy to bring in the contact free, comfort food your customers want right now. It's the easiest grab and go program to set up.


About Red Letter Signature Sides

Compete in the Grab & Go arena with one-pound side items

Meet the needs of today’s fast-moving consumers by merchandising our four top selling side items, designed to create those Red Letter experiences with quality, ease and simplicity.

Made with only the finest ingredients, Red Letter Signature Sides by Red Letter Foods are the perfect side to just heat and serve! Our highly selective process ensures we are getting only the best ingredients to make any meal memorable.

The finest ingredients create the finest meals, just ask the cooks in your life. When you combine that with the heat-and-serve convenience of Red Letter Signature Sides, mealtime gets enjoyable again!

Why Choose Us

  • Offer complete ready-to-eat meals from your grab & go sections
  • Capture incremental dollars from rotisserie chicken purchases
  • Increase your dollar ring per customer
  • Achieve perfect portion control
  • Gain deli share of grocery cart


  • Ready-to-eat side items
  • Can be merchandised hot, cold or frozen
  • Sealed, 1-lb bag inserts for easy prep
  • Minimal labor with no fryer, hot case or hood required


  • Capture incremental dollars from rotisserie chicken purchases
  • Increase your dollar ring per customer
  • Achieve perfect portion control
  • Gain deli share of grocery cart

Mashed Potatoes

Red Letter Foods Mashed Potatoes (1)

Homestyle Green Beans

Red Letter Foods Green Beans

Savory Sweet Corn

Red Letter Foods Corn

Macaroni & Cheese

Red Letter Foods Mashed Potatoes (2)

Merchandising Ideas

Cold Case

Place with entrees to complete a meal (14 day shelf life). It’s a great way to complement your current deli or drive sales when it’s closed.

Hot Grab & Go

Display with rotisserie chickens (target Happy Hour 4-7pm). This is a great way to help busy parents or anyone grab a quick, delicious hot meal for the entire family!


Stock next to family meals, veggies or meat. Red Letter Signatures Sides go together with other frozen items like peas and carrots!

Additional Uses

Family Meals

Tie-in with “Family Meals” protein + two sides for exact portion control. Red Letter Signature Sides makes family mealtime easy!

Meal Kits

Use as side items for prepared meal kits. Take your already amazing deli items and pair them with Red Letter Signature Sides to drive additional sales!

Holiday Sides Promos

Place signage next to frozen turkeys: “Complement your holiday dinner with Red Letter Signature Sides”


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