“In 30 years in this business, I’ve never seen something like the portal, something this tight and engaged.”

- Joe Faretta, General Manager at SAC Convenience Store

PFSbrands Order Management System

PFSbrands Order Management System

Looking for a complete order management system that covers everything from inventory to waste control to ringing up sales?

Look no further than the PFSbrands order management system. It has the potential to greatly increase your store profitability, right away!

It all Starts on Your Dashboard

Gives you a quick glance at real time data for all your locations, from sales to waste, traffic count, transaction count and hourly sales.

Your Store's Traffic

3D cameras count customer foot-traffic into the store. These helps you merge customer traffic with hourly sales. Get it all in your dashboard!

PFSbrands Order Managment System Camera

“We implemented the Order Management System and after 4 months the system paid for itself by increasing our gross profit 10%! Our business advisor worked with us during this time as we increased sales prices on our top 5 sellers, managed waste, and focused on inventory and par level ordering. We also utilized the people counter to expand our deli hours as we were able to identify peak traffic times; opening an hour earlier in the morning generated an additional $125 to daily sales. We realized if we want to be profitable, we need this system to be successful and have already implemented at three additional locations.”

Chase Wilmoth
Hot Spot #4

Capture and Improve Your Sales

Powerful Sales Reporting

Monitor your daily sales to make educated decisions on promotions and store hours! Our powerful sales reporting can help you get reports by the menu item, category or simply get your daily sales report in a snap.

When you have data like this at your fingertips, it takes the guesswork out of critical business decisions that could cost you revenue… daily.

These sales reports will take your business to the next level!

PFSbrands Order Managment System Improve Sales

Manage Inventory, Purchases, Labor and Monthly or Weekly Financials

In as fast as you can move a mouse, get up-to-date monthly financials, check on your inventory status and help control your location’s food waste.

All culminating in a more efficient, progressive store!

PFSbrands Order Management System Waste
PFSbrands Order Management System Inventory

Potential Gross Profit Points Increase (see below)! Ready to start improving your GP

PFSbrands Order Management System Case study

Example Case Study:

  • MONTH 1: Increased price on Top 5 Sellers $.10 – $.20 generating an additional $1,200 in sales and adding 2-3% on Gross Profit
  • MONTH 2: Increased top 2 selling snacks $.40 for additional $800 in revenue. Targeted Waste Management ensuring less than 5%
  • MONTH 3: Continue focus on inventory and par level ordering. Utilize traffic count and store sales for staff requirements, and store hours.
  • MONTH 4: Evaluated bottom 10 sellers and removed slow movers reducing waste. Continued to monitor inventory, sales and waste.

“The order Management system for Champs Chicken is a very valuable tool that helps with forecasting, scheduling, and managing profitability. It shows trends that help determine not only peak sales times and days but also what items are being sold.”

Jeff Keep
Director of Store Operations
Elliott Oil Company

Are you ready to learn more about the PFSbrands Order management system?
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