Commercial Equipment Expertise to Spare!

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Darrell Hale: The man you want planning your commercial equipment order

d23ee9c5-4a45-4a8e-862a-b40f136f243b1This interview starts a series of insightful pieces here on our blog surrounding our Senior Leadership Team and their varied years of experience and areas they lead here at PFSbrands. First up we have Darrell Hale, VP – Equipment Division. You can read a brief background on him or just dive in below.

Q: Tell us what you did before landing at PFSbrands.

A: I sold water before water was cool! Basically, I sold beer, whiskey and bottled water and it was a hell of a job. I’ve also owned and operated a restaurant so I understand the sales side and the ownership side of things.

How Do Social Groups/Intranet Fit Into Your Business?

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How Do Social Groups and the Intranet Fit Into Your Business Featured

Building Business Communication

As you have experienced firsthand, the internet is an integral part of your business and this involves social media groups where people of all ages connect. So much so that it’s been found that Generation X adults are just as likely to connect online as they are in person! So when it comes to improving communication within your business why not incorporate this? No, I’m not talking about email newsletters which we’ve already covered, I’m talking about social support programs or even the intranet! Heard of it?


Are Your Quarterly Newsletters Reaching Your Most Important Demographic?

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Business Communication: quarterly newsletters

A few common-sense tips to make the connection

Chances are your company has a newsletter of some type. It probably has a schedule which ends up at the bottom of priority lists and is the first thing to ‘be flexible on’ when an important project   pops up. Hey, it happens! However, if you send your communication piece via email  and track open metrics then listen up … our quarterly newsletters (see an example of our most recent Champs Chicken ‘Town Fryer’ Newsletter ) are our number one, without-a-doubt, highest open rate of any communication we send to our retail and wholesale partners.

For example, you can head on over to and see what your industry average is for email open rates. In food service the average is 25.16% according to their study and our last customer newsletter is still going strong at over 40%!

Is Your Business Communication Crystal Clear?

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Is Your Business Communication Crystal Clear Featured

Why is Business Communication Important?

Whether you are in foodservice, logistics, construction or anything in between, one constant problem hampering corporations across the United States is the lack of business communication: aka transparency. For instance, how many of your employees know the financials of your company? How many know the actual end game of their department? Do you have critical numbers your managers track? Can all employees name them?

Foodservice Success: 10 Ways to Succeed

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Foodservice Success 10 Ways to Succeed Featured

Are You in the Foodservice Industry?


Looking to succeed in the foodservice industry? As with everything, there are several tips and recommendations that can make your life incredibly easier and your business more successful! It would be nice to know of all these expert tips, right?

As CEO of one of the fastest growing BWB foodservice brands, Shawn Burcham drops by to give us 10 quick tips that you need to implement to make sure your business runs smoothly and is highly successful! Check out his great tips below! [You can find his full article over at]

PFS Mention in Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer’s Bulletin

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Bringing Missouri Commonsense to Washington

blaine Pro Food Systems

Below is a bulletin originally posted on Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer’s website. PFS is truly appreciative of Mr. Luetkemeyer’s continued support. Click HERE to read the story on his website or you can check it out below!

[Photo Credit:]

It’s been a busy few weeks in Missouri and Washington. After celebrating Easter with my family in St. Elizabeth, I hit the road to meet with folks on the ground to listen to their concerns and bring some Missouri commonsense back to Washington.

One highlight of the past couple of weeks was meeting the phenomenal team at Pro Food Systems in Holts Summit. Pro Food Systems distributes chicken and a number of other products, primarily to quick stops, to over 35 states. Think about that: the food distributed from a 65,000 square foot facility in Holts Summit reaches 70 percent of America. That’s a testament to the hardworking and entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Missouri. The Holt Summit facility is state of the art, but its success is directly a result of the people who work there; the team at Pro Food Systems was really impressive and stood out to me.

Another highlight was addressing the Jefferson City Rotary Club. We had a great discussion, and, again I was really impressed with and inspired by the people that took part in that meeting.

In those meetings and a few others, a number of topics were discussed. One common theme I took away from our discussions was the continued failure of the IRS to get its act together.

That’s why when IRS Commissioner John Koskinen testified in front of the Small Business Committee this week, I pressed him about the agency’s continued mismanagement, why the Jefferson City IRS Taxpayer Assistance office was closed in the midst of tax season, and how a different tax system, such as flat tax might work better for the American people. Commissioner Koskinen’s responses were not adequate and I am more determined than ever to hold the IRS accountable for its performance.

Another issue my colleagues in the House of Representatives and I are working on is reining in President Obama and, particularly, restoring the Constitutional balance of power between the executive and legislative branches of government.  Just a couple of weeks ago, the House passed legislation to challenge the president in a Supreme Court case on his executive actions on immigration.  I’m pleased to announce that the Supreme Court will begin to hear oral arguments in this case, United States v. Texas, on April 18 and the Court has granted time for the House to make oral arguments. The House will argue that the president has once again ignored Article I of the Constitution. Be sure I will keep you updated with all the news and information.

The brightest highlight of my week was visiting with Jefferson City resident, Elijah Mayfield. This young man was honored with one of the highest awards, the “Self-Advocate of the Year” award, from the National Down Syndrome Society (NDDS). I had the pleasure of introducing Elijah at the NDDS award ceremony and I got to share with hundreds of individuals stories about his work in the Governor’s office in Missouri, his work at a local hospital, and about his love for the St. Louis Cardinals. Elijah is a remarkable individual and having the opportunity to spend time with him and his family is something that I will always remember. It is an honor to represent Elijah, and all of the constituents of central and eastern Missouri, in the United States Congress.

Entitlement Doesn’t Belong in a Employee-First Company

Entitlement Doesn't Belong in a Employee-First Company People Happy

Are You Running an Employee-First Company:


Customers come first, right? But what about if you put your employees right up there with your customers? Chances are they will feel more confident, rewarded and happy and therefore provide even better customer service!

Today, our CEO Shawn Burcham, tackles why PFSbrands is a employee-first company and how that is helping shape our future. From happier employees to more satisfied customers, check out why entitlements have no place in this employee-first company! [You can find his full article over at]

PFS wins first place at Piggly Wiggly Food Show!

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100th Anniversary Food Show Success

food show newsieWe enjoyed having several members of our food show team represent PFS at the recent 100th Anniversary Piggly Wiggly Show in Birmingham, AL. They had a friendly competition between vendors and PFS won by creating an old time Piggly Wiggly store inside our booth (shown to left).

You can read more about this exciting event and what others did to show their support on The Shelby Report’s website! Or just click this link to read the full story: Piggly Wiggly – A Celebration of Heritage.

food show collage

CEO Interview: Company Growth with Open Book Management

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One Mid-Missouri Company Reaps the Benefits of Open Book Management CEO interview

One Mid-Missouri Company Reaps the Benefits of Open Book Management

by: Mark Gandy
Outsourced CFO | Small Business Financial and Performance Management | Principal at G3CFO

Foreword: Check out this CEO interview where Shawn Burcham describes how open book management has helped PFSbrands rapidly grow. This is a must read CEO interview!

[This CEO interview was originally published on LinkedIn.]

“Mark, do you want this book?”

I picked it up, and on the cover there was a guy in a suit sitting on a large engine turned on its side. Then I read the title–brilliant. I didn’t get much sleep that night as I couldn’t put it down. So what was the name of the book?

The Great Game of BusinessCEO interviewby Jack Stack and Bo Burlingham.

Dennis Karstens, I owe you. The President of Orscheln Farm & Home gave that book to me in 1994. Since then, I’ve probably read it nearly a dozen times.

The central theme of the book is open book management. The author explains how opening the books and teaching every employee how their jobs impacted sales, gross profits, and bottom-line earnings turned a company from barely surviving to a stalwart of ongoing success.

If business had its own hall of fame, those who inducted Jack Stack would ensure he had his own wing and deservedly so.

While Stack’s first book, The Great Game of Business reads like a business biography of Springfield ReManufacturing Company, his second book, A Stake in the Outcome is like a tactical playbook for implementing open book management. Don’t read one, read both.

Mission, Vision & Core Values: Why They Make a Difference

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business-idea-1240825_960_720Our CEO, Shawn Burcham, wrote a candid note on the topic of accounting, transparency and Mission, Vision & Core Values. Transparency has helped PFSbrands rapmission shawn visionidly grow over the last 10 years! Below read why he thinks open book management starts with a successful educational foundation and are directly connected to the values of a PFS! [You can find his full article over at]


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