Dave Yarbrough: Cooking up foodservice success

On November 9, 2016 in Recent news, Pro Tips

DAVE_YARBROUGHEach member of our Senior Leadership Team brings their own unique personality, experience and leadership style to the table.  Dave Yarbrough, VP of Field Operations, has a great blend of foodservice sales and operations acumen, combined with a technology-savvy skillset.

Read a quick background here or just jump right in and learn why he is the driving force behind our Field Operations team.


Jamie Long joins PFSbrands as New VP of Business Development

On November 4, 2016 in News, Recent news

Parent Company of Champs Chicken and Cooper’s Express Expands Senior Leadership Team

jamie_long_5x5PFSbrands, a leading U.S. supplier of branded, prepared food programs to the grocery and convenience store markets, has hired Jamie Long as Vice President of Business Development. Mr. Long brings 14 years of in-depth foodservice knowledge and strategic thinking to PFSbrands from McDonald’s, Boston Market, Uno Pizzeria Grill and Orion Food Systems/Hot Stuff Foods.

“Our company continues to grow at a phenomenal pace,” said Shawn Burcham, CEO for PFSbrands. “In fact, we were named by INC Magazine recently as one of the fastest-growing, private companies in America for the 8th consecutive year.  With Jamie on our team, we are positioning the company to bring high-value hot food programs to an ever-expanding number of new retail partners – both chains and independents – in the convenience foodservice sector across the country.”

Jamie Long added, “I’m proud to not only lead PFSbrands fine team of business development professionals, but also to help our new retail partners to take full advantage our company’s high-margin, high-support prepared food brands.” He graduated from Lewis and Clark State College with a Bachelor of Arts in general business studies.

Open Door Policy: Are you shutting out your employees?

On October 31, 2016 in Recent news, Pro Tips

Open Door Policy: Are you shutting out your employees?

Open Door Policy

That corner office with a view… That corner office with a view and a solid-oak door that is always closed… That corner office with a view, a solid-oak door that is always closed and what appears to be 7,500 square feet of windows… It’s funny that many CEOs (and employees for that matter) who claim that they want to increase communication in their office are from that corner office. They are closed off from the world and – more importantly – their employees.


Mark Gandy: The Nomadic CFO

On October 20, 2016 in Recent news, Pro Tips

Mark Gandy: The Nomadic CFOUp next in our expert spotlight, we have one of the best financial consultants in the business, Mark Gandy. For some quick background information about Mark, visit G3CFO.com.

Want the nomadic CFO on your team? Check out how Mark’s “finding, getting, and doing” philosophy can help your business!


BKI Fryers: The Right Fryer for Your Location?

On October 18, 2016 in Industry Coverage, Recent news


Thinking About BKI Fryers?

Want a fryer that can help your kitchen staff prepare a quality, consistence product time and time again? Sure you do, that’s what all locations strive to achieve. BKI Fryers should be at the top of your list then, here’s why!


Internal Communication: Simple, effective, economical

On October 17, 2016 in Recent news, Pro Tips

Internal Communication Simple, effective, economical

Increase loyalty, morale, production…

Bulletin boards, scoreboards, birthday and anniversary emails, notes of encouragement, letters from the CEO… all varieties of internal communication have a big effect on loyalty, morale and overall production. This all comes down to increasing the bottom-line of your business.


The Culture of Customization & Its Revenue Driving Power

On October 12, 2016 in Recent news, Pro Tips

The Culture of Customization & Its Revenue Driving Power featured

Your customer profile is changing… are you?

The customer is always right and always will be… at least when it comes to where they spend their hard-earned cash. As a business owner, whether it’s in foodservice or any other industry, it’s your responsibility to respond and mimic the changing tides of consumer wants, needs and tastes.

Nothing can make this more apparent than the paradigm shifting choices of the nation’s largest age cohort – the Millennials. They are driving a shift in food sales, rapidly boosting the revenue of those stores that are in tune with this change and forcing the old-fashioned “We do and always have done things this way” out of business or scrambling to stay afloat. Obviously, you know which group you’re in or maybe you’re stranded somewhere in purgatory. Are you working overtime to just maintain a sliver of your previous revenue with no foreseeable salvation in sight? Change, conform, expand, improve…etc. it’s time. The customer is always right and here’s why it affects your bottom-line.


How Can Open Book Management Help Your Business?

On October 6, 2016 in Recent news, Pro Tips


What exactly is open book management?

For starters, it can have varying degrees of meaning depending on whom you ask, but in essence it is providing the company’s financial metrics to the employees. The goal is to show the employees exactly how the business makes money, how it generates cash, how their job affects the day-to-day operations/bottom-line, and essentially increase transparency within the organizations. This is a favorite tool of many employee owned businesses (as it should be) and is a good way to get everyone on the same page working to improve the bottom-line.


Our Referral Program is Your Chance at Cash! #BringTheChicken

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Love Champs Chicken or Cooper’s Express?

Well, spread the word and earn some serious cash!

Now through the end of 2016, submit referrals to us and have a chance to earn $200, $600 or $1,000 for every NEW location that becomes a Champs of Cooper’s! Oh yeah, did we mention NO LIMITS!


Tax Savings With Section 179

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Don’t miss an opportunity to save on your 2016 taxes!  The purpose of this section of our website is to give you professional advice within the foodservice industry and we’ve got a great tax tip for you with this edition!

The federal tax Code Section 179 allows you to fully depreciate up to $500,000 on equipment placed in service during 2016 for your restaurant, deli, grocery store or C-store. Further, if you exceed the $500,000 limit on asset purchases, there is a bonus depreciation provision that qualifies most new equipment assets placed in service during 2016 to be depreciated at 50%. Time is of the essence because the assets must be PLACED IN SERVICE during the 2016 calendar year in order to qualify. Both tax provisions allow you an opportunity to upgrade or add to your equipment (some examples listed below or click HERE for a full list) while saving on your federal taxes. Please consult with your professional tax advisor for more details.


fryer equipment


Can I lease (or finance) equipment and take the Section 179 Deduction?

Absolutely. In fact, this is a very effective strategy, as the deduction you take may actually exceed the total loan or lease payments you make for the year.

Ready to purchase? Great! e-mail us at equipment.division@PFSbrands.com or call toll-free 855-632-3373.

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