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Menus and Signage

Worried about FDA regulations regarding your menus? No worries, we got you covered with our marketing and Print Shop team helping you create effective, amazing looking menus and signage to attract customer and therefore attract revenue! You seriously got more important stuff to worry about, let us take care of it for you! See some examples below of signage our talented Print Shop staff can customize for your store.

Menu and Signage from Print Shop

Pump toppers, loyalty cards, to-go menus, banners, posters, shirts, hats . . . the sky is the limit! If your store has a need, our friendly Print Shop staff will be happy to collaborate with you or work directly with your PFSbrands Business Advisor to get things printing. 

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This is a non-illuminated, printed-style menu board, which (as you can imagine) costs less than our digital option for a cloud-controlled Digital LED Menu Systems. The dual, printed menu panels fit in 2 side-by-side frames, which can be suspended to the ceiling or mounted on a wall.

The snap-frame menu board system has the following features and specifications:

  • Easy installation for wall mount or hanging
  • Snap-open frames for effortless replacements with printed inserts
  • Different sizes available to fit your needs


Digital technology adds engaging motion, more visual appeal and a distinctive air of professionalism to your hot food program.  As such, this digital system featuring two side-by side LED Monitors will attract more customers to your hotcase and generate more revenues to your business over the coming years. In the end, this system will pay for itself several times over in increased revenues. The digital programming and design of the menu along with standard or customized pricing is provided without charge by the Customer Success department at PFSbrands. The final menu and any future revisions are uploaded directly to the digital system in the retailer’s store.

This impressive dual digital menu system contains the following features and specifications:

  • ChampsKitchenImageSleek, professional look with attention-grabbing motion
  • Dual LED digital HD monitors-- commercial-grade
  • A Silver-level qualifier for VIR and MDF advertising support -- 3.5% of purchases
  • A Gold-level qualifier for VIR and MDF advertising support -- 0% of purchases
  • Comes standard with FDA-compliant caloric menu
  • Easily manage menu item and pricing changes plus future FDA revisions
  • Content changeable by day of week and time of day
  • Easily flows from breakfast to lunch menu at established time
  • Programming updates handled centrally by PFSbrands via cloud
  • Automatic upload of Limited Time Offer ads for opt-ins
  • Bundles include monitors, driver and mount for a wall or ceiling installation
  • Dual driver controls 1 or 2 screens at once (Quad- 4 screens)
  • Outer Dimensions of each 46” monitor: 2”x24.5”x2.5” (30 lbs.)
  • Active Screen Size of each 46” monitor: 4” x 22.9”

The eye-catching graphics, the bright crystal-clear image and motion graphics will set your store apart.
These key items will brand the hot food program in your store and help you grow your sales and profits. It is the same small investment for every new store regardless of program you choose. The package will make you more successful from day one!

  • Take-Out menus (qty. 300) with your store’s name, menu and holder
  • Hot case decal (easy order steps)
  • Large branded cabinet front
  • Program binder with training sheets
  • Product list & re-order forms
  • Customized bag stuffers with your store imprint
  • Window header signage
  • Self-serve case decal
  • Branded apparel: aprons (when applicable)
  • Branded apparel: ball cap or visor (when applicable)
  • Branded apparel: T-shirts (when applicable)
PFSbrands slowly marinates its chicken products in a mix of secret seasonings before it ever arrives at our retailers. Then, your deli staff freshly batters and double-breads the chicken by hand right in your deli with our famous seasoned Country Breading. Your folks cook it up fresh, and then, the drifting aroma of savory golden goodness will have your customers lining up at the hotcase. Add one or two of our amazing signature sides and everyone from teens to Millennials to Baby Boomers will have a delectable snack, lunch or a meal that’s sure to satisfy their appetites and taste buds.

CoopersKitchenImageWhen mom and dad are looking for a quick fix to serve the entire family at dinner or the boss wants to feed the whole crew at work… nothing’s tastier and more convenient to pick up than big fresh boxes of hot, hearty chicken and seafood from your store.

The #1 best-seller on our branded menus is our ever-popular Chicken Tenders. These marinated beauties are the real thing - 100% tenderloin from very best part of chicken breast. You hand-bread them, fry’em up fresh and watch your customers smile after one bite! You will find no better tenders anywhere.

Shown below is a listing of some of our more popular menu selections:

  • Chicken Tenders: A double-coated, irresistible winner!
  • Mac N' Cheese: Warm gooey and extra cheesy - Hands down the best
  • Whitefish Fillets: Crispy outside, perfectly moist and flaky inside
  • Potato Wedges: Classic seasoned slices of breaded and fried spuds
  • Livers and Gizzards: Breaded and deep-fried to a golden brown
  • Green Beans: Good ol’ Southern-style beans with tasty bits of country ham
  • Party Wings: Turns any meal or game-watching event into a big hit.
  • Mashed Potatoes: The humble creamy potato topped in gravy is king.
  • Sweet Corn: Rich, creamy and perfectly hearty.
  • Fried Chicken: Crispy and juicy. The be-all, end-all Southern classic.
You may notice a difference in retail price points between Cooper’s Express and Champs Chicken value meals. The numbered snacks and meals on the Cooper’s menu do, in fact, have lower price points. The difference in those price points relates to the sides that come with the value meals. For example, the suggested retail price point for a Champs Chicken 2-piece chicken tender meal is $6.59 and the Cooper’s Express 2-piece chicken finger meal is $5.19. If you take a closer look at the menus, you will notice the Champs Chicken meal includes 2 sides and a biscuit, while the Cooper’s Express meal has 1 side and a biscuit.

Many retailers appreciate Champs Chicken menu structure better because the ring sizes are larger and it produces more overall profits in the long run. Other retailers in more price-sensitive markets prefer the lower retail price points Cooper’s Express in spite of the smaller ring size as it allows them to be more competitive without diminishing their profit margins.


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