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Marketing Side of Customer Success

Advertising initiatives are powerful tools to connect with your customers and to grow your business. PFSbrands foodservice marketing professionals and our full-service print shop will provide your store with unprecedented levels of support and expertise. 

Here are a few of the of ways we can help you build your hot food business with quality marketing: interior / exterior store signage, advertising in your local community, participation in national promotions, your own promotional efforts, a loyalty program and direct communications with your customers… and we will provide you some of the funds! Seriously, check out how the marketing funds we could potentially offer your store!

A marketing team at your disposalFrom National Promotions to LTOs, our team will take care of your marketing needs!

Your Advertising Specialist

As a new retailer, you will receive one of Retail Advertising Specialist, Beth Outz’s, Marketing Playbooks that is chock full of examples of advertising ideas. The good news is that we will provide you special funding (anywhere from 1.5% – 6.0% on all PFSbrands purchases dependent on brand) to underwrite all or a good part of your advertising and promotional efforts. 


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Because PFSbrands is committed to helping you grow and to be successful, the company provides new retailers with on-going Marketing Development Funds (MDF) that are designed to finance all or part of your advertising and/or promotional efforts. Compare this to other well-known brands in our industry who typically charge anywhere from 2% to 5% of their retailers’ gross sales for advertising. We completely reverse this strategy with our MDF program that you will find is unmatched around the industry.

G-Signage The company contributes many hundreds of thousands of dollars on this program annually, which has been reported on by industry media. How much your store will receive depends upon the partner level you choose. See our matrix for full details.

We recommend that you reach for as high of a partner level as you can because it so greatly impacts the amount of financial resources you will earn to help grow your business. Keep in mind, PFSbrands also charges NO INITIAL FRANCHISE FEES and NO ONGOING ROYALTIES of any kind. So, this is a very retailer-friendly program!
To provide you with the best individualized strategic support…  Beth Outz, Retail Advertising Specialist, is a marketing expert that is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your MDF for increasing your sales.  Beth and her marketing colleagues are available to help you – whether you just have a simple question, need an ad designed, or want help developing the right advertising strategy for your store.  We encourage you to reach out to Beth and see how you can use print, mailers, radio, digital, social media and more to increase your sales and use your MDF to pay for it.
Aside from your Opening Signage package, you can use monies in your MDF bank to fund any additional interior signs, exterior signage (not the permanent wall sign), mailers you have produced in our full-service Print Shop. Don’t forget your Grand Opening materials!