Kyle Menges, Chief Financial Officer



CPA, Undergraduate degree, Accounting & Business Administration, Rockhurst University


Kyle Menges is the CFO at PFSbrands. Prior to PFSbrands, Kyle spent time in finance roles for two high growth companies in the manufacturing and distribution industry.

Kyle prides himself on being a modern CFO that goes above and beyond the traditional finance roles. He is passionate about Open Book Leadership and the power of ESOPs, not only their positive effects for businesses, but also employees. As CFO of PFSbrands, a 100% ESOP company, Kyle educates all teams on financial performance, financial & business literacy, factors impacting the business, and connecting each employee owner to the profitability of the company. Kyle has direct leadership of the accounting, finance and data team.

Leadership Style and Philosophy

Kyle believes in a collaborative and diverse, team-oriented leadership style. “Every person brings something different to the table and has their own unique way of affecting our business in a positive manner. The key (and hard part) is meshing those skillsets into one strong and successful team. I approach decision-making from a long-term, strategic lens as well as giving team members the flexibility to make decisions within their specific role that align with our ownership thinking mentality. I believe a positive work culture is created through getting to know individuals on a one-on-one level as well as through hard work that results in positive business results that we all get a benefit in being an ESOP company!”