PFSbrands ComTab

“This piece of equipment allows us to have a direct inroad to communicate with your store employees…”

It’s no secret that there is a high turnover rate in the foodservice industry...

The constant hassle of onboarding new employees can be overwhelming and time consuming for managers. Truth be told, vital steps to correctly executing the program are lost during transition.

Fortunately for you, PFSbrands has a solution that will free up your valuable time creating greater training efficiencies, keeping brand consistency while growing your business, and helping retain valuable employees by keeping them engaged in our food programs.

The operating system Opterus houses all of our training which will allows new employees to be trained the correct way every time.

In fact, when onboarding new employees, we actually assign training certifications customized to the equipment in your location.

This creates consistency among our employees and our brand and helps provide the same experience for each and every customer that enters in your doors and purchases our high-quality products.

Say good-bye to the days of thumbing through your 100+ page manuals; our communication tablet, aka ComTab, has everything nicely organized in the Library and can be quickly accessed creating more efficiency’s.

Instead of employees spending their first day at a desk watching videos during onboarding, employees can be watching a training video on how to filter a fryer while filtering the fryer, they can learn how to properly bread chicken while breading chicken.

Again, creating more efficiency and consistency.

The ComTab also allows us to have a direct inroad to communicate with your store employees and vice versa concerning the Champs Chicken or BluTaco programs.

If an employee has a question they can immediately message us. If a piece of equipment breaks down while you’re out of town and they’re not sure who to call, the user can log into the ComTab and open a help ticket to notify our Customer Success team.

“This piece of equipment allows us to have a direct inroad to communicate with your store employees…”

The tablet is also equipped with a time and temp log that gets saved in the cloud, this application helps increase the food quality your stores are presenting. It has a timer that will alert the deli staff when that food needs to be removed from the hotcase.

The ComTab has many more features, and we will continue to add new features as needed. If you have requests, we will definitely consider if it’s something that will benefit all customers. Again, our goal is to support you so you can be successful.

As you can see, the ComTab is an effective tool, easily accessible to engage your employees.

It will not only create efficiency and consistency during your onboarding process but continue to keep your employees up to date on process changes and new LTO’s through Messaging and the Calendar.

Plus, millennials will appreciate you catering to their independence while nurturing commitment and self-improvement.

Ready to try the PFSbrands ComTab in your location?