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As a store owner, your margins are shrinking… Products that were once your cash cows are rapidly declining. How are you going to fill that massive profit void? That’s where PFSbrands comes in with some of the best low-cost franchises and Hot Food Programs that your customers will rave about while producing attractive gross profit margins for you.

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Your One-Stop Profit Shop

Who has time to find the right equipment, purchase it, set it up, locate a product dealer, get it shipped to you, train your staff, create the correct protocol, follow FDA menu regulations, stay up to date with market conditions, market products…etc?

Inc500CircleLogoNo business owner has time for that… nor should they have to deal with it. We have that covered AND we even give you the money to market your business… as in over $1,000,000 worth of retailer marketing funds… Plus, no opening or ongoing franchise fees or royalties EVER!

All of this from one of the most rapidly growing privately-held companies in the United States for the last 8 years according to INC Magazine. We aren’t going anywhere… except out of our way to help you grow.

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